Putting Life on Hold

Life ‘On Hold’ or ‘In Full Swing’?

When the pandemic first started, we may have been in the middle of any number of projects, like studying a language we’ve always wanted to learn, gearing up to apply to schools, maneuvering towards a promotion at work, or planning a long-awaited trip. And then the world Stopped. COVID has changed almost every aspect of […]

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Change It

We can’t get away from it. Change is simply unavoidable. It’s not easy, and we often resist it.  But the good news is, that it’s all part of our growing process: making us more flexible and opening us to new experiences and opportunities. Whether you want to: Learn something new Exercise more often Drop a […]

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creating space for self care

Creating a Space for Self-Care

Technology is an amazing communication facilitator. Not too long ago, who could have imagined talking virtually face to face with a friend or relative on the other side of the world? What about sending emails to anyone, anywhere, anytime from the comfort of home? Being always available is great…or is it? We now know that […]

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