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Individuals seek therapy looking for direction. Oftentimes they are struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia, relationship issues, grief or trauma. They feel that these challenges have affected their wellness.

Their openness and willingness to learn more about themselves and develop better strategies for goal attainment is the first step in securing a positive life direction.

Drawing on my extensive training and experience, I provide a safe space where everything can be discussed, emotions can be expressed and solutions for a better life can be cultivated.


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01 Professional Counseling Services
Reaching Out for Therapy

Therapy offers vital support in the development of problem-solving skills. My aim is to help provide hope, confidence, and overall well-being in your every day life.

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02 Beating Back Insomnia
Overcoming Insomnia

Research shows that Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is the most effective treatment for insomnia, resulting in a good night’s sleep and feeling energized during the day.

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03 Reframing Overcontrol
Reframing Overcontrol

Being overcontrolled is a personality type which involves an excessive amount of self-control. Overcontrolled behaviors are common, and chances are, everyone can recognize some of the traits in themselves.

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04 Relationship Counseling
Healthy Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy can help to solve a current challenge, prevent a problem from getting worse or help in a phase of stressful transition within a healthy relationship.

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