Too Much Time Together

When Being Together Can Tear You Apart

A beautiful sunset, an ice cream, running against the wind – there are things in our world that we genuinely love. And while we look forward to these experiences and appreciate them, we know that they can sometimes become too much of a good thing. The same is true of people too. It does not […]

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Power of the News while people are sitting around on their phones

Understanding the Power of the News

These days, watching the news can feel like being in a disaster film. A global pandemic and political turmoil have inundated our feeds with headlines so dramatic that even a scriptwriter would dismiss them as over-the-top. Most of us feel that it’s important to stay informed.  This gives way to the unique power of the […]

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Return to Normalcy

Getting Back to “Normal”

A multifaceted challenge As we get ready to go back to “Normal” life, we wonder what the future will bring.  We conduct business differently, celebrate occasions differently, and manage our relationships differently.  Which changes will we keep and which will we reject?  COVID has primarily affected us in three broad categories. Professional COVID-19 has overturned […]

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